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“a typical Leo that loves the finer things in life”


Hi, my name is Tawfiq and I am a Leo; that’s how the name “The Luxury Leo” was born! For those who are familiar with the Leo horoscope should know that Leos love luxury. Style is important, and so are the finer things in life. Clothes and accessories must not only be expensive, but also exclusive. If you have a taste for the finer things in life then you’re in the right place.

This site will serve as unique luxury website for sharing stories related to fashion, trends, style, watches, lifestyle and my experience in travel including exclusive beach hotels, luxury hotels, weekend spa escapes, cruises, gourmet restaurants, top notch hotels, tour attractions and anything that boasts a degree of exclusivity and a dash of luxury.


For general enqueries and collaborations, please contact:   info@theluxuryleo.com