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Cartier – Rotonde de Cartier Day & Night Watch


Demonstrating Cartier’s excellent skills as a watchmaker, the magic of Cartier’s Rotonde de Cartier Day and Night display provides a fascinating scene for a virtuoso ballet between the sun and the moon; the upper part is devoted to the indication of the day, night and time, while the lower part focuses on the moon-phase display

Fairytale Love – Cartier Love Bracelets


While I love experimenting with clothes and watches, I don’t prefer wearing bracelets. But the Cartier Love Bracelet is something else; a timeless, classy and modern piece! The Love Bracelet (styled L⊝Ve, with the horizontal line inside the letter “O” alluding to the bracelet’s locking mechanism) is a piece of jewelry designed in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo