Block Up – Wearing White Pants


We’re all looking for casual fashion ideas once the warm weather hits and one of the easiest summer style recipes starts with a pair of white pants. It can seem like a hard trend to pull off, but white trousers have had a revamp and are more street than ever.


Wearing white can cause a certain conundrum, especially when it comes to the lower half of your body. However, pulling off white jeans, chinos or even shorts is a matter of following a few easy steps that are foolproof and can make you wear white confidently, without being self-conscious in the slightest.

At first sight, men would think that wearing white is a nightmare, that’s only because incorrect styling can make a man in white pants look foolish. In truth, a good men’s white pants outfit is not hard to put together and the first thing you need to know about it is – like always – that you need to pack up the confidence and don’t get intimidated by this edgy look.

Like its monochromatic brother, black, white is a killer color to contrast stronger shades against.

Try wearing your white jeans with every man’s favorite dark hue – navy blue – for a sophisticated look that stays the right side of nautical. Let your wardrobe inspire you, while you strategically add pieces to your ensemble. Keep the three color rule in mind and work with the colors that best suit your individual style and occasion.

The great thing about color-blocking, like this, is that it draws the eye upward, which, if your legs are on the shorter, stockier side, helps elongate your frame and make you appear taller.

Shoes to Wear with White Pants

When it comes to shoes and white pants there aren’t as many options as other colors could offer. The thing you need to pay attention to is that the shoes must be spotlessly clean. The whiteness of the jeans will make any minuscule dust on the shoe stand out in the most unpleasant way. Loafers are ideal shoes that fits perfectly with white.

The colour and fabric of the loafers should complement the upper side of the outfit. If you go for suede loafers wear a blazer and if you go for brown loafers wear a brown jacket. For a day-time look, brown or blue suede loafers are a winner, while for the night-time you might want to consider shiny loafers in black or burgundy.

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