How to Wear a Casual T-shirt and Blazer


When it comes down to achieving the smart-casual look, you cannot go wrong with jeans and a blazer. The blazer, in its essence, will always be considered as a slightly more formal option, adding a certain sharpness to an outfit. If you’re thinking about wearing one casually then check out the tips below.


Essentially, it’s about dressing things down for casual occasions, giving you a look that is still stately and clean, but has a more relaxed, fashionable feel. A sports blazer will add a touch of vim and vitality to your outfit. It is generally made from a less traditional fabric, such as pliable jersey or rustic corduroy. It also employs certain touches, such as patch pockets or a basketweave knit, which immediately signal a more informal stance, especially when layered with contrasting textures.

Wearing a T-Shirt and a blazer can be a controversial choice in the fashion world but if you follow a few simple rules you can ensure that this look is pulled off correctly.

Starting with the basics, a blazer and t-shirt look is an easy option to pull off. This is one of the easiest options to style a casual blazer. Whether you opt for a beige blazer or black, pairing it with a white t-shirt will always create a laid-back, smart casual vibe to your look. With a solid casual base, you’ll have plenty of freedom to throw on an extra accessory or two to complete the ensemble. For a more playful style, you can rock the look with a graphic t-shirt to contrast or compliment the blazer.

In addition, to pull this look off you have to think of the fit. Ensure that your blazer and T-Shirt are both slim fitting. Anything too baggy won’t work and will look awkward.

Jeans Tips To Consider

  • When matching your blazer with jeans, keep your jeans slim fit and tapered.
  • Avoid stone washes or distressed jeans, and go for darker, formal denim.
  • Keep the color contrast between your blazer and jeans subtle.
  • Make sure the length reaches a few inches past your hip bone to reduce gathering.

Finishing Touches

The more obvious way to customize wearing a casual blazer is adding some accessories. Watches, sunglasses, chains, and pocket squares all guaranteed to spruce up any look. However, If you’re unsure of what to add to your look, maybe stick with something simple such as an all gold or leather watch.


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